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Building Community 

Our objective is to offer ways to repair broken people, broken families, broken communities and broken nations.

Re-laying the foundation

Real community is more than just a collection of people.

It is an actual living harmonious body of people who...

  • plan together

  • celebrate together

  • achieve together

  • grieve together

  • care for and nurture each other.

We understand that the complex political, social, economic, and technological changes that have occurred over the past few decades have affected many people adversely.

We offer a range of training options for administrators, facilitators, teachers, and other people concerned with making a positive difference in contemporary society.

You are welcome to sign up for training and bring the gathered wisdom back to your organisation.  Or view our franchise option, to start a new initiative in your community.

Please visit us:
The Abbey
2 Truby King Drive, Waikouaiti 9471,
Otago, New Zealand
Ph: 64 3 465 7534

We welcome you to join us!  Tell us about the good things that you are doing!
Please feel free to
contact us if your have any questions or needs.

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Please read what we have to offer you 

Some interesting things that you will find on this website are:

Family Building Centres: An international network of homes that pattern Biblical living to people in our communities.  Training centres for children, teens, singles, married couples, parenting, mid years, and elder care and compassion.

NO-EXCUSES Correctional Training: Teaching the difference between right and wrong, according to the 10 Commandments.  A great place to make a change in the lives of youth at risk and their families.

Youth Centres!  How to set one up, and keep it successful, so teens are safe and occupied, and happy.

T.A.P. Program: For inmates in prisons, and Youth Justice Centres, leading to successful reintegration, and diminished recidivism.

T.O.A.H. Tira Ora Adventure Holidays: Wholesome adventures for youth and families.

Creation Museum of New Zealand: A natural history museum that presents the facts about Biblical Creation, and the flaws in the theory of evolution.

Diamond Shine Productions: Multi-media recording studios. Commissioned for the development of positive programming in the areas of music, video, DVD, and e-technology for family friendly productions.

Distinguished Dads: A programme aimed at turning the hearts of children back to a loving relationship with a distinguished, dependable Dad.

From Prostitution to Purity: A programme that helps people out of prostitution and into a new life.  "He or she who has been forgiven much, loves much."

Teaching Self Control instead of self esteem, latest research findings!

Training Your Children, instead of medicating them.

Conflict Resolution

A B C's for Restoration to Former Glory!

Healing Our Nations

Judicial Accountability

Restorative Justice

Show Me the Way to Go HOME

Facing a Crisis

Survival Tips for Mothers, when Teens Run to Town

A selection of e books and Training Materials

Culturally Sensitive Programs for Healing

Training for Administrators, Facilitators, Teachers, Correction Officers:

Abolishing Child Abuse

Abolishing Domestic Violence

Making Communities Safe

Making Families Safe

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

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Doing it God's Way!

The Abbey
2 Truby King Drive
RD 1 | Waikouaiti, Otago 9471 | New Zealand
Ph: 64 3 465 7534